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Why should I choose ICS?
ICS has been providing care to patients at home since 1990. We have a dedicated team of specialists who are passionate about providing you with the highest level of care. Taking care of our patients is our number one priority.

Can I request ICS for Home Infusion?
ICS is just a phone call away. Just call 800-734-2896 and all your needs will be taken care of.

Will one phone call really take care of all my needs?
At ICS, we pride ourselves in being customer-friendly. With one phone call to us, we will verify insurance benefits, obtain insurance coverage, and coordinate home nursing support. It's that easy.

Will ICS work with my doctor?
ICS works well with all types of physicians, and we can contact them on your behalf to begin the home therapy process.

Does ICS accept my insurance?
ICS has contracts with most insurance companies. Just call 800-734-2896 to check if you have insurance coverage for your home therapy needs. We will verify benefits and obtain authorization. Our intake specialists will then inform you of your coverage and will ask your permission to proceed with home therapy.

Does ICS have specialists in nutrition therapy?
ICS has a complete nutritional support team including clinical pharmacists, registered nurses, and dietitians that specialize in home TPN.

Is there a nurse that I can speak with?
We encourage you to speak directly with one of our clinicians who can address your specific needs.

Will ICS deliver directly to the home?
ICS has trained delivery representatives that will deliver all your medications and supplies. Our delivery representatives will carry everything into the residence and even place the medication into the refrigerator if requested.

Is ICS accredited?
ICS is accredited by ACHC and complies with all state and federal guidelines.

Does ICS have a Hepatitis C nurse specialist?
ICS has a Hepatitis C Adherence Program with specialized registered nurses dedicated exclusively to Hepatitis C.

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"To us, The Martinez Family, ICS means a lot. We like that ICS calls every week to see if we need any supplies and to see if my son is doing well. When my son is in the hospital, ICS calls to see when he will be discharged so they can have his TPN and supplies we need ready to deliver to us. Thank You ICS for being here for us."

Martinez Family